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  1. Profile photo of Lonnie Weiss Lonnie Weiss Reply

    Hi sub-team. I’m looking at the calendar (and I’ve logged in) Thought I’d try to enter something on the calendar but don’t see where or how to do so. Maybe this functionality isn’t up yet? Lonnie

    • Profile photo of Jennifer B. Reply

      Hey Lonnie. It’s Michael. The only one who has admin access to the calendar right now is Janet. Anyone can view it but only an admin can add an event.

    • Janet Reply

      Hi Lonnie,
      Let me know if you have anything you would like me to add to the calendar – happy to do so!

  2. Profile photo of Janet PRODN Admin Janet PRODN Admin Reply

    Hi, wasn’t logged in when I typed my previous note to Lonnie telling her I’d be glad to post any event she has. Wonder if when I’m logged in, will the comment still be “awaiting moderation”?

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