PRODN’s Case Clinic Provides “On the Spot” Solutions to Organizational Challenges

by Tracey L. Bryant | Aug. 27, 2017 |

Last week, the Philadelphia Regional Organizational Development Network (PRODN) hosted the Case Clinic, a peer leadership forum where OD practitioners from all levels collaborated to troubleshoot and design solutions for everyday organizational challenges, questions, and ideas.

“The professional aspect of this whole group is exactly what I needed…I’m hoping it’s the beginning of a beautiful partnership,” says Carolyn Leevy, a Fitness Director at Foulkeways at Gwynedd, who described her experience with the Case Clinic as  “a think tank…people come with all different perspectives, and put all those perspectives together…giving you another higher level of learning about your same situation.”

Co-facilitators, Lonnie Weiss of Weiss Consulting and Nancy Aronson, Associate Director of the ODL Program at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, guided the Case Clinic attendees and introduced the “troika consulting” method to aid collaborative solutions.  Troika, which is Russian for “group of three,” is a consulting method that sets the stage for peer-to-peer coaching around solutions and prototyping.

Attendees were a diverse mix of organizational development leadership (ODL) practitioners, executive leaders, students, senior consultants, academic professors, and entrepreneurs.  Among them, three “cases” were submitted which ranged from systems communication, meeting design strategies, and organizational turf wars.

Each attendee clustered around the challenge they favored most and then practiced the troika consulting method.  By the end of the session, there was a noticeable sense of high energy and clarity for the cases and the ODL community.

“I think it’s rare…It’s generous [of them] to lend their experience and time to people that come on the spot with organizational challenges,” says Hitome Yoshida, an attendee who submitted a meeting design challenge.

Additionally, current ODL graduate students, like Aileen McGuigan, also benefited from the experience.   “From a student perspective, I enjoyed seeing real world practitioners who are using the theories and concepts of ODL in their everyday work environment to find solutions to issues …It’s very refreshing to know this is a real thing,” says McGuigan.

When reflecting on the outcome of PRODN’s Case Clinic, co-facilitator, Lonnie Weiss commented that, “We knew that the group would come with a lot of wisdom.  We knew that we had some simple methods that would be appropriate…and it worked.”

The case clinic is expected to return as a series throughout the remainder of the year.  For more information, email: [email protected] or [email protected], or check the events calendar at