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Mindfulness in Relationships A T-Group Based Workshop

September 13, 2018 @ 9:00 am – September 14, 2018 @ 4:00 pm
Penn's View Hotel
14 N. Front St
Phila PA 19106
Gil Cosby

Improve your interpersonal skills at work and at home with our exclusive 2 Day Mindfulness in Relationships Course. You will be more rational about your own emotions and behaviors, calmer when others are upset, and more effective at working with others after this intense workshop.

Crosby & Associates 2 Day workshops are unique T-group based experiential trainings which combine cutting edge knowledge about leadership and human behavior with powerful personal insights and skill building. Our founder’s first T-group was 65 years ago! While “Mindfulness” has just recently surged in popularity, it has been woven into our T-group methods since the beginning.


At its core Mindfulness is about calming the self and being fully present in the here and now. Whereas most teach such skills in a calm space, T-group learning creates an experiential opportunity to hone Mindfulness in the midst of intensity. Mindfulness in a calm space is relatively easy, but emotionally intense moments are precisely when Mindfulness is most useful. Teaching Mindfulness through T-group method fosters high transfer of skills to work and personal relationships. Our leadership model (as highlighted in Gilmore Crosby’s new book) is also rooted in Mindfulness. To lead one must be a calming influence on the emotional system.


Participants will increase their capacity for Mindfulness at home and at work, as well as gaining:

  • A transformational framework of individual, group, and organizational theories
  • A more objective and scientific self-awareness, rooted in emotional intelligence
  • How to learn more effectively from experiences on a lifelong basis
  • Advanced conflict management skills
  • Coaching and developing others, including giving and receiving feedback
  • Gilmore Crosby’s new book, Leadership Can Be Learned

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