What’s new for 2016… we would love your participation!

We will meet 5 – 6 times per year at a fixed time (every other month) at PCOM. PCOM is our organization partner. We will charge $20 for each event as a way to maintain costs, materials supplies and to keep the organization alive.These meetings will be called “Networking Learning Exchanges”  Check the calendar for the next meeting!

At “Networking Learning Exchanges” we will use OD technology (such as Open Space). Attendees will drive the topics based on interests and we will network and share with each other about what’s important to us at the time. If a group decides that there is energy around a specific topic, they can convene during these set times. If another time or location becomes available for an event that is acceptable as well. ZOOM technology may also be used as a way to convene about topics that are important to the membership.


We have great news to share with you…PRODN was awarded the Organization Development Network’s Outstanding Regional Network Award. The award was presented in October 2014 at the national conference.

Some of the events held in 2014 included:

• Member Meetings
• The MY Gift of Grace Game Night
• The OD Timeline Events Part 1 & 2
• Intergenerational Learning Exchange
• Hosting the National ODN Conference
• Supporting Two Local Non-profits with Pro Brono work
• PRODN Book Club (Polarity Management, Liberating Structures and A Leader’s Guide to Reflective Practice)


Please email us at [email protected] 

In Collaboration,

PRODN Steering Committee


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