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Hi Michael & all, Thanks for all this progress! So much better! I do have a bit of feedback on the site as of Thursday 2/4 at 11:45 am. Regarding the use of the Forum, saying it’s for items that are ‘useful to the group at large for a longer period of time’ is a little confusing/unclear to me. Does this mean the Forum is for ongoing and general topics not focused primarily on the work of specific Groups? Maybe it is clear… I have some more feedback on the appearance and visibility of things on the site. Remember, my eyes are going on 65 (and were never all that good…!) This grey text is quite light, I’d like it several shades closer to black. And the tiny little circles with numbers telling me I have notifications or messages or invitations — useless, not legible for me. Finally, there’s more technical functionality here in the Forum than I think we need. Post, close, trash, reply -= yes. The other options, I don’t know and wonder what others think. And I’m still lost on the BBCodes. Would we use this stuff? will it make my life better? cause without knowing why I should learn it, it just makes me feel stupid! I’m interested in finding out if anyone sees this before our Friday morning meeting, and seeing your thoughts. Lonnie

Lonnie. I trust most of these points are now solved. BBCodes gone, more Forums setup. 🙂 And with the User Roles now setup, Janet is now authorized to update the frontend pages. And we also made many of the font areas larger to read. Hope it helps!


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