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      Jaci Tusman

      I started to work on the instructions for loading profile pic today, but was not able to do so. I was only able to upload a picture to the cover image. (Since I did not have a cover image ready, I just ended up using the profile pic I was going to upload.) I tried three times to upload my profile picture but was unable to do so. Only the cover image wAs able to be uploaded.  Any advise??


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      Hi Jaci, I will share your problem re: loading your profile pic with Michael tomorrow and see if we can help. I think your cover pic is great – looking forward to seeing it next to your name  when we succeed! Send me a note back when you see this message.

      (@jacquelinetusman, @odscientist, @persphone – this is a test to see if these generate a “mention” and thus an e-mail notice.)


      PRODN Admin

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      Lonnie Weiss

      Hi Jaci and Janet,

      I’m posting this ’empty’ note… not because I have any ideas about the issue but… I will check the ‘Notify me’ box below (which is small and requires scrolling to see… just to find out if/how it makes a difference in my notifications.


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      PRODN Team

      Jaci. I was poking around in the picture thing and at the moment it’s quirky but I want to point out two things.

      1. Try uploading a smaller image. We’re going to add some context help about what size image can be uploaded.
      2. When it says CROP IMAGE (or whatever it says), even if you don’t want to crop it, just click it anyway. We’re going to be changing this to CROP and SAVE and add some context help so that if people don’t want to crop it, they know to click the button.

      Hope this helps.

Viewing 3 reply threads
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