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    This is a test of whether creating a new forum topic generates an email notification. Since I have checked “Notify me of follow-up replies via email,” I expect to get email notices if anyone responds to this message. However, the question is, if I am subscribed to the Website Forum, do I get an email notification?

    PRODN Admin

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    I believe that because we subscribed, we received notifications about this (or at least, I think that’s why I did). I guess we can see if Lonnie also received a notification.

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    PRODN Team

    Now, we placed the SUBSCRIBE button in the top right of the first post. That has always been on this but sort of hidden. We moved it as per Janet’s request. There is also the “NOTIFY ME…” checkbox at the bottom that has always been there.

    To be clear, the way forums work is that they are passive. If you post a topic it will NOT go out to anyone unless they peruse and reply. Then those two persons will be notified of new replies. If someone notices a forum topic and doesn’t reply but hits subscribe then they’ll get notices. This is standard Forum use.

    If you want to message people directly then you email/message them from the messaging part of the site. I’m doing a little more testing on Groups and also personal notification settings in general. I’ll follow up shortly.

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    Sounds good Michael, I should have a chance mid-to-late afternoon to check out changes. One question tho, if the Subscribe link is now on the message or post, is there still a way to be notified when a new topic is created  in the Forum?

    PRODN Admin

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    Lonnie Weiss

    Janet,  BTW / FYI….

    I didn’t receive a notification of your testing post.  (I’m on line, poking around, getting up to speed about the site before tonight’s meeting.)  I wonder if you’ll get notified of my response?


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    Lonnie Weiss

    And BTW I did NOT have ‘notify me’ checked for previous comment.  NOW I will check that.  And I think it’s positioned too far down the screen (make this text box smaller?

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