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  • Janet PRODN Admin posted an update 4 years, 5 months ago

    Hey, @persphone, @marshawesleycoleman, @lonweiss, @odscientist. @chulshin, @jacquelinetusman Lonnie posted some great feedback on changes to the website needed before initial launch. Go to the website group and download the file. Michael, are these edits that we as user-admins can make, or do you have to do them? Let us know.
    This is also a test, apparently in order to get a “mention” on the website (which results in an email message) you have to use the person’s login in the comment, e.g. @persphone not Janet.

    • FYI. I did get this notice hours ago when you posted it. // We have USER ROLES coming soon. When these are set, you all can edit the pages with changes Lonnie suggested.

    • User Roles have been setup, Forums, and fonts made bigger in places. Should be good to go. Janet and Marsha have been sent the info on how to update the front.