MBTI Happy Hour

On Friday, June 2, 2017, members and friends of PRODN met for it’s first MBTI Happy Hour.  The gathering was held at Founding Fathers in Center City Philadelphia.  Among the attendees, 70% shared the “Perceiver” type and the remaining were “Judgers”.  Additionally, the crowd was evenly split between “Extroverts” and “Introverts” but among all of the conversation, laughter, and general exchange, it was not easy to discern.

The purpose of this social event was to create a unique familiarity among peers by observing shared commonalities.


Here’s two articles written in March 2013 from the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy about PRODN’s Intergenerational Learning Exchange!


Written by Jim Leming

On Saturday, February 23, the Philadelphia Region ODN (PRODN) held its second Learning Exchange at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (PCOM) – hosted by the Graduate OD & Leadership (ODL) Program. In a model of collaborative effort and practice, the Philadelphia Foundation’s Intergenerational Work Group (IWG) and the Emerging Practitioners in Philanthropy (EPIP) co-sponsored a highly spirited and intentional design for discovery and personal action.
This learning exchange focused on Intergenerational Leadership and learning new ways to leverage generational diversity to enhance leadership capacity at all levels to meet organizational needs. The day-long experience was designed by an intergenerational group of leaders and practitioners to enable participants to build their capacity to work with and across generations, and share insights and stories while being heard in a dynamic learning environment. The event was highly interactive and incorporated AI, Power Dynamics, dance and music as ways of communication, expression and connection. An Open Space session at the end of the workshop allowed participants to focus future energy on those issues and questions most relevant to the group.

The revival of PRODN started with a PCOM-ODL Program Learning Exchange in December 2011 when over 70 students, alumni, faculty and friends of the ODL program came together to talk about how as a program they could provide greater impact on the Philadelphia region. An echo of responses included a call to revive the ODN community in Philadelphia with an intention to invite leaders from different sectors including the different cultural arts communities to a new PRODN. The excitement included dialogue of ways of “inviting others in” so it would be inclusive of all the communities. The current invitation steps include reaching out to other organizations and higher education institutions

PRODN has been very active in the past year reviving the organization after a few years of dormancy, and the Learning Exchange concept has been a key driver in that revival. The first PRODN Learning Exchange held Summer 2012 focused on how practitoners and leaders were applying the principles and practices of Appreciative Inquiry. At the most recent event, over 60 persons, and 5 new members joined PRODN. The next Learning Exchange will be a “co-creation” event held in April at which members will define what they want PRODN to be, and how that vision might be implemented.

Hope to see you at our next event!!


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